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Interesting Places of Singkep

Singkep has some pretty beaches, mini waterfall and hot spring pool yet to be discovered by the western tourists. Although not that pretty as it used to be in Singkep's better times, it is still good for a nice swim, or for just strolling around. Much of the natural beauty of the place is revealed by the traces left behind by local tourists visiting the place during the weekend.

Pantai Batu Berdaun
Pantai Batu berdaun is a long sandy beach, most of the local people will go to this beach during weekend. It is a nice place to spend your weekend, swimming in the sea or just strolling around in the sandy beach.



Pantai Indah Sergang
Pantai Indah sergang is another long sandy beach located in the eastern of Singkep island. It is also a nice place to spend your weekend or just strolling around in the sandy beach.


Pantai Nusantara
Pantai Nusantara is a nice place to spend a weekend, the location is next to Pantai Indah Sergang, It served meal in a small cottage with sea view.



Batu Ampar Mini Waterfall
This mini waterfall is a small river with a pool for swimming. Local people will going here for swimming, the water is clean and cool, the water source is from Mount "Gunung Muncung".



Air Gemuruh
No information yet


Air Panas Hot Spring Pool
This natural hot springs water founded top of hill that long distance estimation is 3 kilometers from Dabo-Singkep. This hot spring water have unique mark is the quality of the hot spring water have three levels which same as the total of the well. Base on story of local citizens the water from the hot spring is use for curing dermatological diseases. This place is quite far from the city, so this place is less frequently visited



Kelong Tour (Fishing Tour)
There is many Kelongs (Fishing house in the sea) around Singkep Island coastline. You can fishing for few days in the sea, it is a lot of fun.



Nice Cycling Around the Island
Singkep island is a nice place to cycling around. Although there are lots of motorcycles, but they travel about 40 km/hr, which is quite comfortable for cyclists and the air in the island still fresh.


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