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Our Mission

This site purpose is to invite the Singkep inhabitant to share the information each other, to create and work together and to developed the Singkep's potential so that Singkep land have the same level with other potential area in Indonesia.

Because all people have the thought that Singkep's dignity have faded away after they stop the tin mining which was exploit hundreds of years ago and they left Singkep land after they thougt it's no longer giving any advantage. What's left is only the misery of native-born villagers.

Now we're trying to invite all of you who is belong to Singkep island to giving more attention and care with our lovely home town. Don't let our home town get rid off and vanished just because of the act of the irresponsible people. It's time to be part of Singkep community.

Let's work & move forward together
for the sake of our home town.

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